How it works


“Rahnama GB” app is available here for iphone, ipad and ipod devices through App Store or the following link.


“Rahnama GB” app is available here for Android devices through Google play or the following link.



Log in to your account

You can login to your account using your username and password. If you have not registered yet, you can create your account by pressing the sign up button [1] which redirects you to the Sign up page.



Singing up to Rahnama GB

To sign up as a new registered user, please fill out all the required information in sign up page and press the “Create my account ” button. A confirmation alert will pop up upon successful registration and a confirmation email including an activation link will be sent to your email address. You then need to open this email and activate your account by clicking on the activation link.


Password recovery

If you forgot your password, you can recover your account through the password recovery page. You need to submit an email address which is linked to your account in Rahnama GB.



Map search

Select your target area by panning and zooming on the map. The registered businesses icons will be appeared on the map. To view these businesses as a list, touch the icon [1] on the navigation bar at the top of the map. This list can be reordered by several criteria at the top of the list. To return to map display, press the icon [2] on the upper navigation bar.



Business search

To open the search panel, touch the search icons [1,2] on the upper and lower bars. You can perform quick search by tapping on the business icons.You can also change the arrangement of these icons by touching them for 2 seconds and dragging them. You can touch and drag icon to adjust the quick search section size.

Advanced search

You can perform more advanced search by entering the business title or its category and the location in “Search Title” and “Location” text boxes respectively. To start the search press the “Search” button.

Search Title:

Some typical entries for search titles are listed below:

– Restaurant, Lawyer, Dentist …
– Alibaba Restaurant, Modern beauty salon ….
– Alibaba, Modern …


The location can be a country, a state or province, a city, a suburb, a street or an alley name in Farsi or English or “Nearby me” expression. Some typical entries are listed below:

– Iran, Germany, Australia …
– Yazd, New south wales, California …
– Tajrish, Orange county ….
– Ferdowsi street, Pacific Highway ….
– Nearby me



Business details page

By selecting one of the search results from the list or the map, you will be redirected to the business details page. This page includes title, business address, contact details, working hours, products and services menu, users rating, and more description about the business.

Viewing and submitting businesses reviews

You can view other users comments and feedbacks about each business by clicking on “All Reviews” button in business details page. You also show your agreement or disagreement on each comment by pressing like or dislike icons. You can submit your own comment about each business by pressing “Add Review” button. You can rate each business from 3 different perspectives (proficiency level, customer service level and service price level).

System setting
You can change the map provider (Apple map and Google map) and the app language (English and Persian) inside the “info” tab.

1-Upgrade to full version

By upgrading to full version of the app, you can benefit from several extra features in your app.

– Turn off advertisements on the map and other areas of the app.
– Viewing detailed information about user ratings on each business.
– Benefit from RahnamaGB’s recommendation on your searches.

2-Submit new business details

To register your business or nearby businesses, you can use the registration link in “about” page. Pressing on this registration link would divert you to the mobile version of business registration page available at your user control panel. Your control panel can also be reached at when you login with your username and password.